We are excited to be able to tell you that we now have copies of the Archie books by Helen Edwards. Helen is an established writer who lives in Shropshire with her husband and two year old Zuchon Archie.

In her first book about Archie, All About Archie : Bringing up a Puppy Helen shares her experience of bringing up her puppy, because knowing what to expect is half the battle and many puppy owners can be anxious or overwhelmed when their new addition arrives. Helen reassures all new puppy owners that they are not alone and admits that there is no doubt the new best friend is going to be cute, funny, loveable and hard work!

In her follow-up book More About Archie : The Post Puppy Years Helen continues her saga of living with her young dog Archie. You will also hear from other puppy and dog parents about the reality of life with their new best friend. Not forgetting Archie himself who wants to add a little doggy perspective.

These books continue the saga of life with Archie and are a dream read. Funny and informative as always, Helen tells it as it is and Archie’s little comments will really put a smile on your face.