The Barking Bakery

We stock a range of The Barking Bakery’s favourites, including our Iced Woofins, the Trio of Mini Woofins and Spot’s personal favourite, Doggy Popcorn.

The Barking Bakery

The Barking Bakery

The Barking Bakery produce a mouth-watering array of delicious doggy delicacies all lovingly created by Head Chef Michelle and her team.

Only the finest cakes leave the Barking Bakery kitchen and not before Spot the dog has given them his expert seal of approval. Michelle only uses the highest quality ingredients for her canine companions and all of the elements of her mouth-watering creations are doggy-friendly.

Iced Woofins

The original Barking Bakery favourites are a perfect teatime treat for your pooch. Made with dog-friendly ingredients and a recipe that has been lovingly refined and approved by numerous doggy tester.

Trio of Mini Iced Woofins

Mini iced Woofins are perfectly formed mini treats, based on the full sized Woofins and are packaged for freshness in a tantalizing bone-shaped box. These mouthwatering favourites make a fantastic snack or training treat for growing pups.


A cheesy flavoured treat that your dog will love. It gives them the delicious taste of cheese without all the calories!

Celebration Cakes

Paw Licking Doggylicious cakes for all occasions. These cakes, based on the original Woofin recipe, are ideal for a celebration of any kind. They are boxed for freshness and once opened can be kept in an airtight tin for a number of weeks so your pooch can continue to enjoy their treat over and over again.

The Barking Bakery strive to ensure that your dog is getting the quality of baked treats they deserve. Their creations are truly Woofalicious!

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