Happy International Cat Day from Pet Presents!

Is it time to treat your cat? Pet Presents has a range of toys and treats to spoil you favourite feline. Did you know cats can sleep up to twenty hours a day? But when they’re not sleeping, eating, or showing off in windows for passersby to admire, they are playing. Toys therefore, are a great way for your cat (or kitten) to hone its hunting skills, stay fit, and not get bored while you’re away at work.

A piece of colorful string, toy mice filled with catnip, balls, feathers and cat wands are all good toys. Rotating the toys is also a good idea, as the kitty will enjoy rediscovering an old friend (or foe).

Whatever your cat needs Pet Presents can help. Have a look at our range of cat hampers and see if you can treat your pet for International Cat Day.