My Hero Theo … The brave police dog who went beyond the call of duty to save lives

This looks like a great read and I can’t wait for my copy to arrive. The book is available to buy from 25th June in book shops and from Amazon. The publishing house Harper Collins ordered a Pet Presents gift hamper for Theo and his owner Gareth to enjoy. Theo is absolutely gorgeous and looks very happy with his treats! Theo and Gareth are to be featured on ITV’s This Morning on Wednesday 17th June, I will certainly be watching.

PC Gareth Greaves first met Theo, a German Shepherd, when he was a 14-month-old puppy. Since then they have been inseparable. The best partner Gareth’s ever had, Theo has saved his handler’s life many times as well as the lives of countless others.

‘I’d been in so many scrapes with Theo and he’d always saved me. Those days were the hardest of my life so far and … at the darkest point, those big brown eyes and that torn ear were where I needed them to be. Right there next to me.

During six-and-a-half years of active service, police dog Theo located, tracked and detained suspects leading to more than 200 arrests. In that time, he has endured broken ribs, being bitten by assailants as well as being set on fire. From tackling and detaining an arsonist, to protecting Gareth from a gang of men with machetes in an armed robbery, Theo’s bravery knew no bounds. Time and time again, he put his own life at risk (often coming close to death) to save others.

Even while off duty Theo has been a rock to his partner, providing emotional support as Gareth learned that some of the hardest battles aren’t always on the front line.

My Hero Theo is the heartwarming story of one man and his heroic dog – and the bond that sees them go above and beyond the call of duty to keep each other safe.