We have just returned from a lovely week’s holiday in Lake Garda. We have been many times before and I have always been amazed at how many dogs both live there and visit with their owners. Every shop owner appears to have their pet at work with them and there is always a sleeping dog in the corner of every bar. The hot sunny days and long warm nights are possibly responsible for the lethargy of these pets as they snooze away the hours. I am not sure our Westies, Molly and Otis, would fair too well in the heat but I suppose these pets that are born there will be used to it.

It was lovely to sit and watch the dogs that were holidaying with their owners as they ran in and out of the lake, chasing sticks and generally keeping cool. Many of these pets would have travelled by car from other parts of Europe and obviously not flown over like we had done!

Holidays are something we all need from time to time and making sure we do the right thing for our pets is essential. We need to think hard about the suitability of the place we are visiting before deciding to take them with us or put them in the care of someone else at home. Whether you are planning on taking your pets away with you or leaving them to holiday at home we have some hampers that might help you. The ‘Dog’s Day Out ‘hamper is a great combination of treats, toys and accessories to take with you on your trip or we have a range of ‘Thank you’ hampers for you to give to the people who are looking after them.

Everyone loves a gift and one of our Thank you hampers might just do the trick and secure your pet sitter for next year’s holiday! Wherever you are planning to go we hope you have a wonderful time and your pets enjoy themselves too.