Archie : The Story So Far – two book collection


It’s a dog (owner’s) life – isn’t it?

We all love a good read about our furry friends and these two books by author Helen Edwards will not disappoint. Amusing and informative these books make a great gift for any dog lover.

These lovely notebooks are handcrafted, filled with blank pages and feature an image of a cat, pug/bulldog or puppy dog on the cover.
They are a lovely gift for any pet owner.

Why not add one of these ultra handy folding shopping bags with pug dog design.
They fold away into a small bag which is ideal for putting into a handbag ready for some imprompu shopping.

How about adding one of these stylish and handy folding shopping bags to your hamper?
This bag fits into its own cat shaped small bag and is ideal for carrying in a handbag ready for an impromptu shopping spree!

Are you planing on having a new furry friend and need some light hearted advice? This book by Helen Edwards is just what you need.It is packed with advice and true stories that will make you smile.

A quirky look at the trials and tribulations of bringing up a young dog. Informative and really comical this book is a great read for all dog lovers. Helen Edwards’s 2nd book about her furry friend Archie is an honest account of living life with a dog. Archie’s little comments are adorable too!


Have you just brought home your furry friend and are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or just plain exhausted? You are not alone. There is no doubt your new best friend is going to be cute, funny, loveable and hard work!

In her first book about Archie, All About Archie : Bringing up a Puppy Helen Edwards shares her experience of bringing up her puppy, because knowing what to expect is half the battle.

In her follow-up book More About Archie : The Post Puppy Years Helen continues her saga of living with her young dog Archie. You will also hear from other puppy and dog parents about the reality of life with their new best friend. Not forgetting Archie himself who wants to add a little doggy perspective.

These books continue the saga of life with Archie and are a dream read. Funny and informative as always, Helen tells it as it is and Archie’s little comments will really put a smile on your face.