The Deluxe Cat Hamper – Ideal for First Cat


Are you getting your first cat? Or maybe you just want to really treat your existing feline friend. The Deluxe Cat Hamper is just what you are looking for.  This gorgeous, top of the range hamper has everything you need to pamper your cat (and yourself) and is packed with a variety of fun and practical treats for you both to enjoy.  It is ideal for welcoming a new kitten but also for a birthday or Christmas gift for an older cat, and their owner.

Why not add a bottle of refreshing ‘Pawsecco’ pet wine?
Woof & Brew’s Pawsecco pet wine is suitable for cats and dogs and is great as a drink or poured over food as a tonic.
Available in White or Rose (random colour supplied)

These lovely notebooks are handcrafted, filled with blank pages and feature an image of a cat, pug/bulldog or puppy dog on the cover.
They are a lovely gift for any pet owner.

How about adding one of these stylish and handy folding shopping bags to your hamper?
This bag fits into its own cat shaped small bag and is ideal for carrying in a handbag ready for an impromptu shopping spree!


The Deluxe Cat hamper features a Beco Pets eco-friendly cat tray, a stylish, high backed litter tray with clip-on hood. It’s heavyweight and sturdy design means that it won’t flip over and spill all over the kitchen floor. The Beco Litter scoop has been made from bamboo and cornstarch, this makes it much stronger than normal plastic scoops which means you can reach the bin without spilling litter all over the place. The Deluxe Cat hamper also has not one but two revolutionary saucer design feeding bowls from Beco Pets which have been specially designed with a much lower rim so your feline friend’s sensitive whiskers won’t brush up against the sides, making dinner time more enjoyable. Your cat’s bowls will look fabulous on the Beco Mat, designed to make mealtimes less messy and save your pet from chasing its bowl around the kitchen. Made from silicone, the mat is durable, non-toxic and easy to wash. To assist with feeding time we have included a Beco Spork. This uniquely designed implement features a long handle, a squared edge for awkward corners and holes for mashing. Your Beco Spork combined with your bowl, scoop and litter tray ensures that you can spoil your pet without spoiling the environment. If you have a half-eaten tin of cat food that needs saving for another day you can keep it fresh with the Beco can cover which will fit onto the top of the can and prevent the contents from drying out.

The Delux Cat hamper also features a pyramid cat house with removable fleece cushion, and a fleece pet blanket, an ideal place for you feline friend to hideaway, keep warm and get some peace. Gourmet dinners specially prepared for cats by Lily’s Kitchen will ensure your cat receives all the nutrients they need for healthy growth. Lily’s Kitchen’s Little Lovelies cat treats are an excellent reward for cats of all ages. These lovingly hand baked cat treats, made with freshly prepared ingredients, have a delicious and irresistible taste and are the perfect size for little mouths. We have also included a selection of cat toys including a feathery cat wand for hours of fun and exercise.

Whist your cat is enjoying all these treats you can sit down with a nice cup of tea or coffee in you r new, double sided, printed mug and enjoy a couple of biscuits with your feet up.

All these additional items are presented in one of our exclusive Pet Present storage boxes which are ideal for keeping your pet’s treats safe and tidy.

Hamper includes:

Pyramid Cat House (approx. size, W 33cm x H 45cm x D 33cm)

Beco Litter tray

Beco Scoop

Beco Spork

Beco can cover

Beco mat

Beco feeding bowl x 2

Fleece pet blanket

Lily’s Kitchen wet cat  food x 4

Lily’s Kitchen dried cat food x 2

Lily’s Kitchen Little Lovelies baked cat treats x 2

Selection of 3 cat toys (balls/ mice)

1 x cat wand

Printed mug with tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits (for humans)

Pet Presents storage box

If you are buying this hamper for a kitten, please let us know and we will include food specially made for kittens.

Always ensure fresh water is available when feeding treats to your pet.

Baked treats are prepared in a bakery which handles nuts.

All edible treats are suitable for cats or kittens and ingredients are listed on the packet.

Items may be substituted for similar if necessary.