Flavoured Edible Gotcha Day Card for Dogs – Free Shipping


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Flavoured, edible greetings cards for dogs by Scoff Paper are a delicious gift on their own or as part of a hamper.

They feature a variety of dogs on a deliciously flavoured edible potato starch card.

Out of stock


Flavoured, edible Gotcha Day cards are a fantastic, delicious treat for the special boy or girl. Lovingly designed by”Scoff Paper“these cards are a whole lot of four-legged fun in an envelope.

The card consists of a single sheet of patterned potato starch, gluten, wheat and grain free. They are vegan friendly with no nasty ingredients and contain vitamins and Omega 3 and 6.

Size of card: 20cm  x 14cm

Bacon and chicken flavoured (random flavour supplied

*** We have edible ink pens so we can safely add a message to the back of the card for you. Just let us know what you would like to say and we will sort it out for you and pop it in the post ***