The Puppy Bed Hamper – Blue


Are you getting ready to welcome a new addition into your family? Have you got everything you need? You may want to have a look at our Puppy Bed Hamper. This gorgeous gift hamper features a soft brown fleece lined bed which is ideal as a starter bed for a small puppy.

Why not add a bottle of refreshing dog beer?
Woof & Brew’s ‘Bottom Sniffer’ beer for dogs is a non-alcoholic and non-carbonated herbal drink made specially for dogs and is a perfect accompaniment to your hamper.

Why not add a bottle of refreshing ‘Pawsecco’ pet wine?
Woof & Brew’s Pawsecco pet wine is suitable for cats and dogs and is great as a drink or poured over food as a tonic.
Available in White or Rose (random colour supplied)

Why not add a mini treat box filled with a selection of delicious dog biscuits for your furry friend to enjoy.

Why not add a cone of Cheesey Popcorn to your hamper? This cheese flavoured popcorn is the ultimate low-calorie tasty treat for your dog.

How about adding a trio of delicious iced woofins to complete your hamper?
Mini woofins from the Barking Bakery are an ideal small snack for your dog.

How about adding an Iced Woofin cake as a special extra?
The Barking Bakery’s Iced Woofins are a great low fat treat for any occasion.

These lovely notebooks are handcrafted, filled with blank pages and feature an image of a cat, pug/bulldog or puppy dog on the cover.
They are a lovely gift for any pet owner.

Why not add one of these ultra handy folding shopping bags with pug dog design.
They fold away into a small bag which is ideal for putting into a handbag ready for some imprompu shopping.

How about adding some eco-friendly poop bags?
These Travel packs from Beco Pets contain sixty bags on four separate rolls (15 bags on each roll).Beco Bags are degradable and will break down after you dispose of them, they are handy to fit into your pocket or a poop bag dispenser.

Are you planing on having a new furry friend and need some light hearted advice? This book by Helen Edwards is just what you need.It is packed with advice and true stories that will make you smile.

A quirky look at the trials and tribulations of bringing up a young dog. Informative and really comical this book is a great read for all dog lovers. Helen Edwards’s 2nd book about her furry friend Archie is an honest account of living life with a dog. Archie’s little comments are adorable too!


The Puppy Bed Hamper features a fleece bed with separate fleece cushion which can be removed for washing and the entire bed is fully washable. Designed as a starter bed for your puppy’s first weeks with you, this bed can also be used as a comfy liner as your puppy progresses to a bigger bed. We have also included a blue fleece pet blanket for your puppy to snuggle into for a rest whilst she settles in.

New Puppies can have a lot of energy so we have included some practical and fun treats and toys. Your puppy will love their Beco Toby teddy toy, soft and cuddly but also strong and robust, these toys are made from recycled plastic bottles which makes them extra soft as well as eco-friendly. Each toy has a squeaker inside and its covers are double cross stitched making them especially durable. Other toys in this hamper include a knotted ragger and a tennis ball, ideal for tugging and chasing games.

Also included in the Puppy Hamper are two Lily’s Kitchen gourmet puppy dinners, specially created recipes for small mouths and tummies. A box of Lily’s Kitchen Bedtime biscuits containing organic chamomile will aid a restful sleep. These organic baked biscuits are low in fat and contain probiotic yoghurt to help digestion (suitable for puppies aged over 4 months).We have also included a Spork , a revolutionary feeding utensil made by Beco Pets. Beco Sporks are made from the natural plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks making them completely eco-friendly. Their unique design features an extra long handle, a squared edge for awkward corners and holes for easier mashing. A must in any puppy’s kitchen! To go with your dinners and spork is a Beco feeding bowl, also made from natural biodegradable fibres, blue of course. Designed to be both eco-friendly and functional, Beco Bowls are tough and durable. They are dishwasher friendly and last for years in the home.

Staying with the eco-friendly theme we have included a pack of 60 Beco poop bags which make cleaning up after your puppy easy and as eco-friendly as possible thanks to the degradable material the bags are made from. Also, you will never again have coat pockets filled with poop bags as this hamper includes a Beco Pocket. This revolutionary poop bag dispenser is designed with a unique bungee system which means the pocket can be easily attached to a variety of places, from your dog’s lead to a pram handle or handbag strap. It is easy to take apart to refill and made from natural plant fibres making it totally sustainable and biodegradable. The Beco Pocket comes complete with 15 extra Beco Poop bags.

The Puppy Bed Hamper also includes Animology’s Puppy Fresh spray, a refreshing spray enriched with vitamins and conditioners which will help to keep your puppy’s coat clean and healthy. Instead of masking the odour it combats the cause and removes it. It is also a no-rinse spray, which is ideal for a quick fix in between washes. There is also a microfiber cloth to assist in cleaning  muddy little paws.

All these products are presented inside the fleece puppy bed and come gift wrapped in cellophane with a coloured bow.

Hamper includes:

Blue fleece Puppy Bed (ideal for small breed dogs)

Blue fleece pet blanket

Animology Puppy Fresh spray

Microfibre pet cleaning cloth

Small Soft Beco toy (Variety of styles)

Beco Spork

Small Beco Bowl

Lily’s Kitchen puppy dinners x 2

Lily’s Kitchen Bedtime biscuits (suitable for puppies over 4 months)

Knotted ragger

Tennis ball

Beco Pocket (with 15 poop bags)

Beco eco-friendly poop bags x 60



Always ensure fresh water is available when feeding treats to your pets.

All edible treats are suitable for dogs and ingredients are listed on the packets.

Baked treats are produced in bakeries that handle nuts.

Items may be substituted for similar if necessary.