Set of Four Boxed Dog Print Mugs

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How about a set of four boxed dog print mugs featuring a variety of dog related slogans.

1 in stock


Why not treat someone special, or yourself, to the whole set of our boxed dog print mugs. These beautiful, large china mugs are printed on both sides  and feature the same slogan on the box and the mug.

The slogans appear on a coloured printed mug with matching box.

‘ I love my dog as much as you love your kids!’ on a purple mug.

‘My windows aren’t dirty … it’s my dog’s nose art!’ on a purple mug.

‘Pets welcome, children must be kept on a leash!’ on a green mug.

‘The more people I meet, the more I love my dog!’ on a blue mug.

Set of four mugs individually boxed.