The Pet Presents Mini Box!


Pet Presents Mini boxes are an ideal small gift for your pet or as a treat for someone else’s dog.

Why not add a cone of Cheesey Popcorn to your hamper? This cheese flavoured popcorn is the ultimate low-calorie tasty treat for your dog.

How about adding an Iced Woofin cake as a special extra?
The Barking Bakery’s Iced Woofins are a great low fat treat for any occasion.

How about adding some eco-friendly poop bags?
These Travel packs from Beco Pets contain sixty bags on four separate rolls (15 bags on each roll).Beco Bags are degradable and will break down after you dispose of them, they are handy to fit into your pocket or a poop bag dispenser.


The Pet Presents Mini Box is the ideal small gift for any pet. Filled with a selection of tasty doggy biscuits the first edition of Mini Boxes are a great gift or can be used as ‘Party Bags’ following your dog’s birthday party.