Woof & Brew

We love Woof & Brew products. Why not have a relaxing drink with your pet?

The huge benefits of herbal teas have long been recognised for humans & it can now also apply to dogs as WOOF&BREW’s specialised blends are available in doggy teabags, tonics and beer.

Their range of healthy, herbal blends (for dogs) are a complementary pet food, created & blended to support your dog’s specific needs. The blends are all veterinary approved as safe & the herbs used are left intact, rather than ground, to provide optimum nutritional benefits. Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Since launching, the range has set tongues – and tails – wagging across the globe.

It’s not uncommon at all to hear ‘my dog loves tea!’ but research has shown that caffeine and milk are not suitable for dogs. Neither is sugar, for all those naughty people that add this too. So rather that deny dogs something they obviously enjoy, WOOF&BREW have created a range of herbal blends that aim to keep dogs both happy & healthy. Designed to be part of a dog’s daily diet, as well as a treat, these blends provide nutritionally balanced, health-focused benefits.

WOOF&BREW brings together man’s two best friends and provides a unique way to show your dog just how much you love them.